How will the future be like? Will mankind ever again be able to live freely on the moon? There has been much speculation on what the future will hold and I am here to tell you that there is a very good chance that human beings will have landed on the moon by 2021. It is possible that Dr. Dennis Hong and I are right on this one.

One possible scenario that I predict is that there will be two types of robots in our future. One type of robotic android that will go up and around the earth from space on robotic, exploratory missions. The other type of robot will be a robotic insect like creature that will stay permanently in the soil. These robots will be tasked to dig holes for humans to live in.

This means that there will be no more digging. Yes, I said no more digging. Robots will do all the hard work. When the humans are gone, the robots can take over. They will either take over the earth for themselves or the humans will need to transport themselves and their belongings to the new planet that they will be inhabiting.

As mentioned before, there will be two types of robots. One class of robot is male and it is programmed to travel around the earth searching for minerals and consuming carbon dioxide. The second class of robotic insect like creature is female and it is programmed to travel around the earth looking for carbohydrates and consuming oxygen. There will only be one class of robots alive on earth and it is called the android.

There will be two types of artificially intelligent robots. One class will be completely self-sufficient and it will carry out all the thinking and it will also have a memory like a computer. The second class of intelligent robotic creature will carry a very basic brainware. It will have a basic sense of memory but it cannot compute anything beyond the basic. So when the android robot is faced with a situation, it will go into a panic and will do something like get scared or it will go into a long rest state.

It will happen because we NEED robots

What will the future be like if we do not find out how to build artificial intelligent robotic assistants?

What will the future be like when artificial intelligent robots will be living among us, and they will not need sleep, food, or air, and they will never get sick. These robots will serve as our servants, but they will also look like humans and act like humans.

Will humans still exist? Will humans carry out their tasks like farming, harvesting, mining, construction, harvesting, and manufacturing? Will humans continue to run this massive machine that they call life? Will humans have to deal with this massive problem? Can humans survive without automation?

One prediction is that in the near future, we will have robot employees that will perform our duties. We will be able to control a large part of the world because the machines will do most of the work. The main question is, what will the future be like if the United States of America, China, and India start a trade war because the United States is manufacturing too much steel and other heavy materials. How will we deal with shortages of petroleum and other precious resources?

How will the future be like when that Google robotic assistant called “Curiosity” decides to take on the world’s smartest person? Will mankind be able to create artificially intelligent robots that can think for themselves and think like humans? Will humans be able to have free will, or will their choices only be determined by the laws of their own programming?

What will the future be like when artificial intelligent robotic androids with human emotions are roaming around the earth freely like our pets? Will humans get along with the robots? How will that affect our future civilization? Will humans become machines just like the robots? Will humans ever reach a point where they are stronger and smarter than the robots? Can humans survive on Mars, if they have no other option than go live there?

Will humans become slaves to these robots, or will they take over completely? Is the future bleak, or can we find a way to be part of the future? What will the future be like when the human population is reduced to one percent, and the human mind is imprinted with all the evil of the world’s worst nightmares?