How To Find The Best Place To Travel To

When we talk about finding the best places to travel, we don’t mean just any destination. We mean somewhere that fits your needs, someone who fits your schedule and something that you’re passionate about. But which places make the grade? There are so many wonderful locations in the world that have everything you need to […]

How Learning Maths Can Help In Life?

You may have heard that learning mathematics can help you in life, and that’s true. But what exactly does this mean for your future? Here are some benefits of studying math… Boosts self-confidence Students with a poor grasp of mathematics can suffer from a lack of confidence. In fact, there are several factors that can […]

5 Crazy and Cute curiosities about South Korea!

When you are born in South Korea you are already one year old, you don’t use WhatsApp but another app and Valentine’s Day is celebrated not only on February 14, but also on another day. Discover these and many other curiosities about South Korea on this article! Do you want to discover some crazy (and […]

10 cool curiosities about Mexico

1. México means “in the navel of the Moon”. From the Náhuat language “Metztli” (moon) and “xictli” (navel). The Aztecs pronounced it as “Meshico”, but the Spaniards wrote it México (because the pronunciation of “j” did not yet exist in their language!) 2. The meteorite that by crashing caused (it is believed) the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 thousand […]

Curiosities about Morocco and its culture

The Morocco flag, and is characterized by the presence of a green star in the center. In Islam, the country’s main religion, the green star is a symbol of wisdom, peace, health and life. The star was imposed by Marshal Hubert Lyautey in 1915. The most loved drink by Moroccans is undoubtedly green tea with mint: it accompanies pretty […]