Marketing and selling are at the heart of everything successful in business.

When it comes to marketing and selling products with the help of videos, many entrepreneurs have no idea that there are actually quite a few tips for them and video production, which make the process quite simple – and doesn’t require you to spend hundread’s of dollars on video editors.

It can be an overwhelming and very time-consuming process when you don’t know what you’re doing. But by using the tips for business owners and video production in this article, you’ll be able to create a very strong “video foundation” for your business and get it off the ground or scale it even more.

When you’re creating your online video, it’s essential that you understand video search engine optimization (VSEO). This will help to promote your video in the SERPs and inside video platforms such as YouTube. By ranking highly, you’ll be able to attract more viewers to your site. This is where you’re going to be marketing and selling your products.

Many business owners make two big mistakes, and the second makes the first one even worse.

The first one, is that they hire video editos for their videos, and spend hundreads if not of thousands of budget in videos that, in reality, with the right tools can be done in a few hours and with total control over the production process.

The second one, makes the first one even worse, because it results in a complete loss of money and budget since the video they paid for, once published, will not reach his full potential.

The other one, is that they do not know where to show the video, the people to target, how to promote it, and how to optimize it for a better organic ranking and reach – pretty much same as webmaster do with SEO.

So, the first of the fourg great tips, is to learn how to target these viewers. Don’t be afraid of going against the grain. Look for the trends that people are following. Look for formats that are preferred. You can find out what people are searching for by looking at YouTube, Google, or using professional tools like SemRush or Ahrefs.

Second, you need to learn how to properly submit your videos. This is very important. Without it, you won’t be able to connect with your potential clients. It’s vital that you make sure you have high quality in all of your videos. In addition, you should submit your videos to directories, online community sites, social networking sites, and so forth.

Next, it’s vital you get your name out there. Don’t sit at home and wait for your movie to be produced. You have to get your name out there. Go to contests, talk to others about your work, and do whatever you can to promote your name. All of this can be done with social medias and a great way to do it quickly while targeting lots of people, is to use Social Media managements softwares, such as

Finally, you have to understand your audience. Are they tech savvy? Do they like suspense and mystery? Is there a particular genre of video that interests them? The only way you can figure this out is by knowing your audience and what their preferences are.

Extra tips: Be aware of where you start from: If you never did video marketing, those tools will be super helpful but that’s not enough. A golden advice, is get your feet wet with non-commercial video creation. Once you have experience under your belt, then you can take on more commercial projects and learn the secrets of the big dogs.

And, once you get some knowledge, there is one way to take video marketing to the next level and which can provide you traffic and sales that you never could imagine. And that to have a internal production house, that will also publish and grow YouTube channels and video pages that overtime will drive thousands of daily extra traffic to your products and increase brand awareness.

Also, be patient. It may take you some time to start getting a consistent ROI in this video creation industry, but it will happen. And it will blow your mind off.