As a totally normal person, you may have thought about what will YouTube be like in 2069. Will it still be the video site everyone’s been talking about? Or will it have evolved into something totally different? The future of video sites certainly looks very bright and this article discusses some of the ways we can look forward to seeing changes that are coming in the future.

First of all, it is really important that we understand how video sharing websites work right now. People do not go to YouTube or Vimeo to play funny videos anymore; they go to these websites to watch great videos to relax and enjoy. Sites like YouTube are not just a place where people post random videos to share… they have become a great social networking tool for millions of users. They have become source of professional guides and tutorials. Of content on the same level of TV. Which, you can watch whenever you want…for free.

So…you know the answer. It will be the same as today, super popular but maybe with different ways to watch it, such as the one in the featured image of this article…

futuristic videos
yep, this image

So, how can I still be rocking on YouTube in 2069?

Uploading videos can be quite time consuming, sure, and maybe in 2069 your channel will still have 21 subs and you will kind of demotivated to keep going.

But, here a pro tip to change things and be a YouTube boss, also in 2069…and beyond.

The Pro Tip

Pro tip: Try to make each video as short as possible. Don’t be afraid to cut out scenes or other elements that could prove to be boring to your viewers. The shorter your video is, the more attention you will get from people who are looking for quick information!

Regardless of whether you use a video site such as YouTube or a social networking site such as Facebook, you will have to update your videos from time to ensure that people stay interested in them. The last thing you want is to have all of your hard work and videos for your product/service ruined because you didn’t update them regularly. This way, you can ensure that people will still watch your videos, in 2069 and even after your death.