What will the future be like in 3001? It is an interesting question to ponder, as we head into 2021 and only 980 years are left until 3001. Indeed, the future looks very bright and many experts predict that the world may well end up being divided into six nations or perhaps six separate mini-states.

Another expert suggested that we use the coming global warming as an opportunity to create a 24/7 sauna on earth without added cost such as electricity. Others feel that the Earth will be so contaminated with human waste that it will not be able to support life. The question remains: What will be the earth like in 3001?

Some futurists predict that the Earth will be so overpopulated that mankind will not have the luxury of going for a peaceful walk by themselves or go to the supermarket without doing the queue. Is this something that you think is possible? If so, do you think that this will create a problem for mankind? How will people live without their personal space and peaceful moments? Do you think everyone will become super sociable or people will become crazy? And if a new pandemic such as Covid-19 arrives, how will it be possible to practice social distancing? Probably, if a global pandemic will happen in 3001, it will be the end of mankind. No question asked.

And most importantly, what will be the future of human relationships, specifically how will they evolve and change over time? Will humans be able to continue to develop their relationships based on mutual love, respect and material objects or will they succumb to the constant pressures of survival and competition. Surely with 90 bilion humans the competition will be A LOT. This is a question that has been discussed by researchers for decades now and it seems like they found an answer. They “don’t know”.

The United States in 3001

One of the most pressing questions today is what will be the future of the American dollar. Many people blame the current economic crisis on the collapse of the American dollar, but many others point to the poor leadership of the 3000’s government. Many people believe that the United States will be a third world country by then. Again, only time will tell.

So, what will be the future of mankind, if the United States of America is no longer the leader on the international scene? This question has been asked by several researchers. Will we start wars again or will we take a wait and see a friendly approach when it comes to future conflicts. Only time will tell.

The humans in 3001

There are also other questions that researchers are asking regarding what will be the future of mankind. Will humans be able to achieve a super-intelligence and fly, or will they remain stuck in the black hole of space watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”? This is one of the most burning questions of our time.

Will we be able to go beyond the physical limits of human beings and create artificial life forms that are smarter than human beings? Is this possible in the 3001? Yes, the answer is yes. There will be tons of robots, but due to overpopulation, governments will forbid them. Some Harvard researches claim that this will start a rebellion by robots…well, only time will tell how true this is. But one thing is sure, we will be able to download the memories and thoughts of a human being and then have that person lives on as an artificial life form.

Will humans travel back in time, or will they travel forward in time? Maybe any, maybe both. Some people claim that this article was written by a boy who in 3031 will be 24 and decided to travel back in time, open a blog and leak some hidden info.

Important updates regarding humans in 3001 are expected in the coming years so stay tuned to futurises.com. But now, let’s see the weapons and war future. A matter that worries many researchers from all over the world.

The weapons in 3001

Will in 3001 humans have new super weapons that will change the course of history and the future of mankind? This is also a question that has been answered, and we are pretty sure about the correctness of the answer. Yes, there will be new weapons technologies, but will they be designed to prevent war, or to actually win a military conflict quickly. The future of warfare is changing very rapidly; however, some of the super weapons that we currently have will remain until a new era arises.

What will be the future of humans in 3031? Honestly, who cares. We will all be dead by then. You can decide. Do your research, think deeply, and then make a decision. Good luck to you on your quest to understand the future of mankind.

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