One thing is sure, in 10, 20 or 100 years from now people will still love and enjoy watching videos. And, very likely, YouTube will still be there and be the leading free video browser. I mean, right now YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google itself, it is owned by Google and there is not one single 100% video oriented social media who could even be considered as competitor!

But, what will YouTube be like in the future? YouTube changes constantly and in 20 years it will be totally different from now.

In this article, we predict 10 YouTube things which will be different in the future YouTube, around 2050.

  1. Many videos will be 3D or with Virtual Reality
  2. Their algorithm will be even smarter hence showing you more interesting content
  3. Every single brand out there will have a strong YouTube presence which, currently, is still a bit ignored by many
  4. Buying fake subs or views will probably be impossible. Their advanced system will be super smart to detect
  5. PewDiePie will look so old and be nearly 60. He will probably have kids too
  6. The logo will be different, so the motto
  7. It will no longer be banned in China
  8. There will be channels with more than 500 million subscribers
  9. Many famous YouTubers will no longer be active on the platform. Some, might even be dead.
  10. You tell us in the comments!

If this article gave you some YouTube nostalgia, I am sorry. But please tell in the comments what change you expect in the future YouTube!